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Doncaster: February 25, 2024, 7:17 pm

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The Regent Square Lion, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire


Just behind the bus stop here (in the shrubbery of Regent Square) is an ancient stone lion atop a small sculpted stone pillar. It's all rather sad and weathered, having been out here since 1902.

The lovely carved pillar of stone is purportedly part of St Mary Magdalene's church - long since demolished in the 16th century. Subsequently it was resited at the old town hall which itself got demolished in 1846 - subsequently it ended up here.

The lion however was part of the front of house at an old theatre that once stood opposite the woolpack pub in the town centre. It dated back to the late 18th century and ran operas for many years until 1900 when it was demolished. The lion was moved here in 1902.

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