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Belle Vue, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire


Belle Vue at Donny OnlineThe home of Doncaster Rovers for over eighty years and more recently the Doncaster Dragons and Belles until both moved to the new purpose built Keepmoat Stadium a mile away.

For a long time it was the town's premier sports stadium pulling in crowds of almost 40,000 at its peak.


From the A1(M) join M18 Eastbound at Junction 35 (signposted Hull) or from the M1 and join the M18 Eastbound at Junction 32. Once on the M18, it's basically a case of following the signs for Doncaster Racecourse as the ground is next to the racecourse.

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Was once crowned 'best pitch' in the country.

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Bawtry Road, Doncaster, DN4 5HT.

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Richard from Moscow: Bill Patterson! Was there ever a more elegant centre half?
Eddie MacMorran, Tindall, Harrison.
My first football was in 1952, watching the Rovers and I have followed them from far away ever since.
Barry Evans from Kirk Sandall: Rovers v Watford circa 1976.

As a 15 year old I was stood in the main stand just in front of the seats. Sat right on the front of the seats and no more than 10 feet from me was Elton John.
He was dressed in a tracksuit and baseball cap and had his feet up on the wall through most of the game. The lads in the kop kept on chanting 'Elton, Elton, give us a song'.
Doug Yeomans from now in Burton on Trent: My early memories go back to Syd Bycroft (the most feared centre half in the old Third Division North) and Clarrie Jordan (still I think the club's highest ever scorer. I can still see Peter Doherty standing toe to toe with Raich Carter in the home matches against Hull City when they were respective player managers. Anybody recall Bill Patterson who went to Newcastle for £25000 an absolute fortune at the time. I witnessed the early days of the wonderful Alick Jeffrey and his sad attempt to reignite what would have been an international career. Now I feel sad when I see Belle Vue on Sky TV but uplifted to sense that the good times may be coming back. But it's not the same feeling now and I doubt it ever will be. Anybody out there still remember the epic encounter with Man. City? Down 3-0 at half time and Peter Doherty's penalty trickling in to give us a 4-3 victory. Now those were the days!!
Philip Sissons from Gold Coast, Australia: I grew up in Donny living on Sandringham Road in the 60s and I can remember hearing the crowd roar on match days from our front room. Particularly when they were night games under lights.
Living in Australia since 1969, I have been fortunate enough to return quite a few times over the years, with my most recent visit being last year where I attended the Wrexham game on October 2nd and I have to admit to having a tear in my eye as I sat in the Main Stand when the players came onto the pitch.
I am a Rovers fan for life and I hope for one more visit before we leave the grand old lady that is Belle Vue.
craig taylor from doncaster: when donny won 3rd division at the end of the carisle match
purdy from edinburgh: WOW Ive been to st james, ibrox, celtic park, stadium of light and nowt stands up to Belle vue. Cheers the DONNY BOYS!!!!!
Carol from Preston: Crikey, this is a blast from the past. I grew up on St Annes Rd in the 50's and 60s. I could just about see one goal if I stood on my bedroom window ledge. Used to store bikes in the garden during the match. Think I charged 3d! My dad was an agent for for a Rovers Sweepstake type thing. Sometimes went to watch from the main sit down stand with my dad. Other times we'd go in late when the gates were opened.
Remember seeing Charlie Williams play as well as Harry Gregg and Alick Jeffrey. Wasn't rovers a pioneer in floodlights for night matches?
Hated that brass band music that was played over the tannoy before every match!
So glad they are back in the league. Is anyone doing anything about the state of the ground? I went back 2 years ago and took a look and apart from some things that had probably fallen down and got boarded up nothing had changed!
Beth from Sunny Donny of course: yes bring it on with the rovers getting promoted again cum on i go to every home game and some away but i have to say i think that the reason we win a lot at home is because of the brill fans because we do really get behind them regardless of whether they are losing or winning long live the rovers and Simon Marples the sex god
Peter Wilson from Skopje Macedonia: Jimmy Hill scoring 5 (or was it 6) goals for Fulham in an FA cup match I think in the late 50's. Harry Gregg having a knife thrown at him from the crowd at the the Rossington end when playing against Liverpool. Rovers won 1 - 0. The saddest memory was the last macth in the league against Colchester before relegation to the Conference. I was a Police Sergeant on duty inside the ground and had to persuade Rovers supporters to move themselves from the pitch twice during the game and at the end of the game. It is good to see them back in the league once again.
Ben Jones from Lisburn Northern Ireland: Without doubt the League Cup game in 1976 v Hull City.
Rovers of course won 2-1. Peter Kitchen got one of the goals but who scored the other?
I remember being in the ground at about 6.00pm. What was the official attendance?
Brian Grainger from South of France: When I was a kid, in the Fifties, I would get into the ground as soon as the gates opened and stand against the wall at the Town end. Rovers were sailing high in the Second Division and I was a fanatic. I would watch the ground fill up slowly with joy as more spectators meant more money , and perhaps we would be able to keep Harry Gregg. I knew that as soon as every bit of visible terracing had been covered there were 20, 000 people inside. I got to be able to predict the attendance to within 500 in 20,000 odd thousand. These days I astound my brothers, who go regularly by predicting , (this season to within 50) what the next Rovers crowd will be, in function of their result at the previous two matches. I was 1 out for the Daggers match!!

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