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Doncaster Features: Bizarre Doncaster: Strange Folk

A lot of Clarkson-esque idiots claim that Donny is dull, our ethos here at Donny Online is that nothing could be further from the truth. Donny is full of strange and bizarre people, events and behaviour...

Strange Car Park Coincidence

Submitted by Chris to >The Strange Coincidences Archive

I was working in Doncaster, (England) and my new girlfriend was driving up from Walton-on-Thames, about 200 miles away to meet me from work. She lived in First avenue. Upon arriving in Doncaster, she parked her car in an underground car park, and having never been to Doncaster before, she decided to ask for directions. As she got out of the car, so did the woman in the next car along, so she asked this woman if she could tell her where Fox's was. 'Sorry' replied the woman, 'I've just driven here from Walton on Thames'. Turned out she lived in Second Ave, one street away. They had left Walton within five minutes of each other and parked side by side.

Man Jailed for faking £8.4m win on lottery

Metro, Tuesday September 4 2001

A painter and decorator who posed as a lottery millionaire in a bid to save his marriage was yesterday jailed for three years.

Howard Walmsley, 43, duped banks, a solicitor, an architect, a car company, two women friends and even his wife into believing he had won a jackpot of up to £8.4 million. He also promised to buy a £300,000 farmhouse, prompting the couple who owned it to move into a caravan to speed up the sale.

Putting Community Service to good use

A gang of young men, were ordered to plant daffodil bulbs as part of
their community service, saw their work come to fruition in Spring 2000.
The group had to plant hundreds of bulbs along one of the main dual
carriage ways near Rotherham and Doncaster the previous Autumn. But
when the bulbs sprouted, the blooms spelled out the words "BOLLOCKS" and
"SHAG" in letters 1.3 meters wide. Residents living on the East Bawtry
Road, which has thousands of commuters passing by each day, said people
were coming from miles around to take a look at the flowers. One, Alan
McCue, 48, said: "I can see the funny side, but it doesn't really create
a good impression of the town. They planted hundreds of bulbs, so we
were all a bit worried about what might come up next."

Council workers learn how to use ladders

From Ananova, Friday 9th February 2001

Council workers in Doncaster have been sent on an intensive course - on how to use a pair of ladders.

The "Ladders and Steps" course was attended by 94 staff of Doncaster council, costing taxpayers £4,700.

Councillors have branded the course, "Barmy." Officials say the exercise is essential for health and safety. The day-long course was attended by 38 council workers from the Environmental Health and Housing department.

According to the council the 'valuable' course covered all aspects of how to use different types of ladders, reports The Star, Sheffield.

A council spokesman said, "We have to ensure our employees are fully aware of how to use equipment." Coun Martin Williams, said, "It's just barmy - totally unbelievable."

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