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Doncaster: February 25, 2024, 7:47 pm

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Doncaster Features: Bizarre Doncaster: UFOs and Aliens

Well, there haven't been that many - so we're all pretty normal on the whole. Or are we...


20th February 2010
Y Jones wrote on the BBC web site :"I saw a large glowing object in the sky moving west to east over Doncaster after dark on Saturday, 20 February 2010. I followed its trajectory as it looked like a plane on fire. It was quite low and appeared to be travelling at "plane velocity", then it faded and disappeared from view. What was this? An odd meteor - haven't seen anything like this before."


2nd March 2010 Time 19.45
HB wrote on the BBC web site :"I was just exiting southbound of the A1 Doncaster/Rotherham turn off, onto Balby rounderbout, when I saw three evenly spaced objects to my right static in the sky. The objects looked like three small fireballs in a dead straight line and around 100 meters equal distance apart and around a mile high at a guess. I pulled my car over and watched as two started to move up very slowly and the other stayed still. As I was watching two more appeared to my left heading towards the static one, as I watched the last three of the five slowly went up and disappeared. I hav! e never seen anything like it. It might have been five of those Chinese lanterns but the first three was still for a good two minutes "

Poly Styrene

In an interview with The Independent in 2008, the late singer of punk band X-Ray Spex, mentioned this account: "The moment that changed me for ever... was seeing a Day-Glo UFO in Doncaster one night after a concert. It was a bright ball of luminous pink, made of energy – like a fireball. Everyone else thought I'd lost the plot."

Cigar-shaped UFO in North Doncaster

Sheffield Saucers Web Site 1970-79

On October 14th 1977 schoolboy Timothy Cox was playing a game of football outside his home in North Leverton, when he sparked a UFO alert. The 7-year-old watched an object in the sky over Cottam Power Station for several seconds before he ran inside to alert his parents. He said it was "bomb-shaped with a blue light and pieces falling from the fin at the rear." The little boy claimed it appeared to land in the Gainsborough area. Police and RAF took the sighting so seriously that patrol cars were sent out, and radar screens were checked. An RAF spokesman suggested later that the boy was reliable "as he had been brought up with aircraft and knows what they look light...and he gave such a clear and accurate description that we thought it was too much to be imagination."

Black Triangle seen in Doncaster

Date : 28/7/98 Time01.30

Early one summer morning, Stainforth mum Debbie Scorer walked out of
her house to find a giant triangle
hovering above her.
To this day she does not know what the object was, but it is the first
of three weird sightings Debbie has
discussed with UFO 2000.
Debbie, of Fifth Square, Stainforth, Doncaster, went out into her
garden after thinking she had heard the
sound of a helicopter.
When she went outside she saw the huge shape above her home with moving
lights along the sides. The
whole thing was slowly moving just above the rooftops.
It is one of three events she has reported to UFO 2000, the second
experience was with her whole family
as they drove through Stainforth where she, boyfriend Tony Curran and
children Jamie and Thomas saw a
light in the sky. They described it as a big orange with the appearance
of light and darker segment shapes.
They first sighted it over houses and followed it until they reached
the end of Stainforth' s Kingsway, where
it moved off towards Dunscroft Broadway.

Balloon-shaped UFO in Retford

04/10/99 16.00 Retford

A object was seen by a couple on their way to Doncaster it was described as looking like a hot air balloon, it then went behind some power lines where the witnesses lost sight of it.

UFO Lands and takes pictures in Bentley

Sheffield Saucers Web Site 1970-79

On January 4th 1979, galeforce winds, thunder and lightning were the least of the New Year terrors which faced a family in Bentley. Jenny Strutt and her two children Paul, 13, and Jane, 15, were left petrified by a saucer-shaped object which appeared behind their home in Rosslyn Crescent. The family were so disturbed that they called the police. Paul said the UFO was 50ft long, and the size of two buses. "It frightened me to death," he said. "It was massive. The top part looked like it was taking photos. Every time it turned round in the direction of our house it sort of made a white flash." A spokesman for RAF Finningley said all military planes were grounded and suggested the family had simply seen a civilian plane flying at an unusual angle.

Boffins Baffled by Fireball in Skies over Doncaster

Doncaster Courier 9th June 1995

Astronomers were left baffled by a mysterious-sighting in the skies above Doncaster.
But the glowing object spotted by more than 30
people last Tuesday night could be part of a Satellite, experts claim.
Hexthorpe Mother of four Lessley Cooper contacted the Courier after seeing "a
red ball with an orange tail" in the sky above her bouse - shortly
after ll.l5pm on May 30. "We've been inundated with calls from people
across Doncaster and most say they saw the same object spotted by
Lesley Cooper," said David Sankey, Doncaster's Official Quest
International UFO investigator. "The phone was red hot all weekend
with people from Armthorpe, Edlington, Elenthorpe, Carcroft, Wheatley
and Bessacarr, telephoning to share their experiences. Most callers
said the object was about the size of a football, travelled in a
south- easterly direction and was in the sky for no more than 30
seconds. But speculation the weird object could be a UFO has been
ruled out by Britain's leading astronomers. It will be several weeks
before experts can give a full explanation for the phenomenon. But
Howard Miles OBE, Director of the British Astronomical Society's
Artificial Satellite Section, believes there are several
possibilities. He told the Courier "My first reaction is that it could
have been the small fragment of an artificial satellite a natural,
piece of interplanetary material or even a fragment of space debris."

Edenthorpe UFO 2010

Chris John Wharton, by email

"Nearly two weeks ago I saw something bright red with a glowing tail fly from a distance and instantly stop over our house, it hovered for about 5 minutes then flew off faster than anything I'd seen before. It then instantly stopped again, which at that speed is impossible, it did the same and flew off over towards Edenthorpe. I put it on my facebook status and had a few people comment saying they had seen it in different areas. Then last night someone else put it on their status. Everything was the same. My sighting was when all the planes were grounded with the vocanic ash cloud so no boffins saying it could be a plane etc."

If you've got a bizarre but true story we haven't covered here, please tell us.

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