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Doncaster Features: Bizarre Doncaster: Sporting Strangeness

A lot of Clarkson-esque idiots claim that Donny is dull, our ethos here at Donny Online is that nothing could be further from the truth. Donny is full of strange and bizarre people, events and behaviour...

Hole in One Wonder

9th December 1993, Doncaster Free Press

Golfer Bob Parkes from Belle Vue celebrated a unique hole in one at his Crookhill Golf Club, by holing the 290-yard par four seventh with the first strike on his new club bought minutes earlier. "I had just paid £98 for the club and with the first touch this happens! It cost me a few drinks when I got back to the club hous ebut it was worth every penny. I'm not likely to repeat that shot again."

The Rovers Curse

A few years ago under Ken Richardson's spell in control they decided to exorcise the 'curse' that hung over Belle Vue ever since a gypsy cleaning lady was fired and placed a curse on the club in the 1960's. Whether it's true who knows, but when John Ryan took over ownership in 1999 he took a lucky stone owl with him to a night match - because it used to be said that when the owl which lived in the old popular stand flew it brought the Rovers luck. Well, they'll try anything to get ahead in sport...

If you've got a bizarre but true story we haven't covered here, please tell us.

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