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Doncaster: October 18, 2019, 11:26 am


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Doncaster News and Features: Andy Liney misquoted

There was an article printed in today's Doncaster Star in which Andy Liney was misquoted. His references to the stadium project were, unbelievably, taken by journalist David Kessen to mean re-vamping Belle Vue. It should also be noted that the interview took place on Monday morning and not "today" as stated in the paper and by Tuesday, events had moved on.

Since Monday, great strides have been made with the Council and I am pleased to say that, on the basis that we hold back any action, they have promised to accelerate the decision process. The project team seems to have gone out
of the window and we can now expect a final decision on the new stadium within a month. There have also been hints that it has become a fairly high priority now.

The club have requested that no protests should not go ahead on Saturday. This is not out of deference to the Council. A visit to the latest news at will explain why if you read between the lines of what we
are able to reveal.

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