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Doncaster: October 18, 2019, 11:12 am


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Doncaster News and Features: Doncaster Rovers Honours

Not that renowned for their trophies, Doncaster Rovers have seen a fair few ups with their downs. Here's the latest run down:

English third tier Champions: 193435, 194647 and 194950.
English third tier Runners up: 193738, 193839.
English third tier Play-off winners: 200708.

English fourth tier Champions: 196566, 196869 and 200304.
English fourth tier Runners up: 198384.
English fourth tier promoted: 198081.

English fifth tier Play-Off Winners: 200203.

Conference Cup Winners: 199899 and 19992000.

Midland Football League Champions: 189697, 189899

Sheffield and Hallamshire County Cup Winners: 189091, 191112, 193536, 193738, 195556, 196768, 1975-76 and 198586.

Football League Trophy Winners: 200607.

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