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Doncaster Features: Other Doncasters

Most of the visitors to this site have some connection with the English, South Yorkshire town of Doncaster, but for some who have arrived here under false pretenses, we're very sorry. So this page is for you, to help you find where you're looking for...

Doncaster, Australia

There is a town called Doncaster in the Australian state of Victoria, and even more strangely it has a football team called Doncaster Rovers Football Club. The latest update on the Aussie Rovers team can be found here. You can also find them on the Summer pools coupons over here.

Donny Osmond

Donny, ahhh, the cute cheesey young darling of America's most wholesome singing family. Visit his web site here, or watch him and his big sister on Granada Breeze.

Doncaster Fashion

Yes, there's a US company who has trademarked the word 'Doncaster' which is the brand name of its upmarket ladies fashion empire. Visit it's web site here.


DONCASTERS was originally founded in 1778, when Daniel Doncaster established
an operation in Sheffield, England to apply the crucible steel-making
process to the manufacture of hand tools. DONCASTERS is therefore one of the
longest continuously operating industrial manufacturing companies in the

Daniel Doncaster obtained his trade mark in 1778, making it one of the
oldest in the world. Shown left is the 1930s version of the trade mark
granted to Daniel Doncaster by the Cutlers Company of Hallam, Sheffield.
Shown right is the original mark attached to the certificate of grant of

DONCASTERS is an international manufacturer of highly-engineered components
for exacting applications - primarily for the industrial gas turbine,
aerospace and petrochemical industries.

Are you called Mr, Ms, Mrs, or Dr Doncaster? If so, we would be happy to mention you and your family here. Donny's are far too prevalent to include, unless of course it's your surname. Send us your submissions asap...

We're looking for new features, articles, and news stories written by budding Doncastrians - send to us here.

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