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Doncaster Features: Doncaster by the Sea

Why might Doncaster be a Coastal Resort by 2030?

Here's an interesting geography project that was produced recently. (by Jackie Arundale, now FSS Consultant for Sheffield LEA, working with staff from schools in Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham as part of a G and T workshop run with Ann Hoyland of Stocksbridge School.)

1. The River Don flows through Doncaster to the River Humber.

2. Doncaster Council are installing air conditioning in all their offices.

3. Doncaster is approximately 42 miles from England’s East coast.

4. Mrs. Lane walked to school when she was a child.

5. Rapid melting of the Antarctic ice sheet has been discovered by the British Antarctic Survey. Giant icebergs are breaking away.

6. Burning fuels releases carbon dioxide.

7. Swarms of insects destroy Farmer John Giles’ crops

8. Mrs. Lane has just bought a new mahogany table.

9. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases.

10. In the past, large areas around Doncaster were marshland. It was drained to create farmland.

11. Doncaster is a low-lying and fairly flat town.

12. Since 1930 the average world temperature has increased by 0.2°

13. Doncaster is just off the M18 motorway.

14. Sea levels are expected to rise 30cm in the next 30 years.

15. Loggers in the rain forest see profits soaring.

16. ARK predict sea levels could rise 7.5 metres by 2030 sinking Grimsby and Skegness under water.

17. Green house gases absorb the sun’s heat. As a result the Earth’s temperature increases.

18. The Department of Trade and Industry have released figures showing that car traffic releases 37 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

19. Ice creams cost £1 on the coast.

20. James and Sam Lane are pleased with their new DVD player, even if it means using more electricity.

21. Deforestation contributes up to 20% of all human global carbon dioxide emissions.

22. Kyoto Protocol 1997 demands pollution reductions worldwide.

23. Mrs. Smith explains to her science class that trees and other plants take in Carbon Dioxide and give out Oxygen.

24. Mrs. Smith drives the children to school in her new 2.8L 4x4.

25. Total emissions of carbon in the UK amounts to 155 million tonnes each year.

26. Most electricity in the UK is generated in power stations using fossil fuels.

27. The Lanes have just bought a new fridge and were annoyed to find they would have to pay to dispose of the old one.

28. Farmer Giles has removed 2 miles of hedgerow and three small copses on his land.

29. Warmer water expands and takes up more space.

30. It is predicted that global warming will make the UK wetter.

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