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Doncaster: July 6, 2020, 2:28 pm



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Doncaster Features: On This Day in Doncaster!

I once asked someone if they wanted to contribute to our database of Doncasters historical events and they looked at me and said 'nowt happened here, ever, get away from me'. But he was wrong, and he smelt.

Doncaster's history is long and well documented, we present to you a new feature on our home page called 'On This Day in Doncaster' featuring funnily enough important, historical or memorable events that happened here.

We have over 200 events logged in, many from the Railways, many from Doncaster Rovers, many from famous Doncastrian's birthday's and lots more!

If you think we might have missed one, or got it wrong (heaven forbid), please tell us and we'll credit/thank you.

The events will also feature in our new look regular newsletter - so sign up and you could receive them every week.

We're looking for new features, articles, and news stories written by budding Doncastrians - send to us here.

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